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Semi-Regularly Updated Material Page

The idea behind this page is to give myself a venue for venting any and all opinions I have on baseball, and, from time to time, matters beyond baseball (but usually, if I touch on matters that are not exactly baseball, it will be because those matters have some relationship to baseball, no matter how tangential). I've decided to break this page up into two areas: the stuff I have to say about the Phillies, and the stuff I have to say about baseball at large. Of course, there will conceivably be some overlap between these two areas, and that is something I will have to work on (my simple solution will be to link the two pages together so one can be viewed directly from the other).

Why does my opinion count? Well... uh... why does Bill Lyon's opinion count? Or Bill Conlin's? Especially when the opinions of those two are more or less always the same... Lyon sees is always finding some reason to believe that this year is different, and Conlin is always making attempts at literary pretention by alluding to historical events in his columns... problem is, more often than not, the historical events he alludes to have little or no relevance to anything actually happening in sports at that moment. It's all intellectual self-indulgence, and not particularly artfully done, either. So, if the opinions of those two pinheads count, than so does mine!

Ah, but if you want real pretension, not only have I basically invented myself a couple of baseball columns... one on the Phillies and one on MLB in general... I have also invented myself a guest book, where readers can respond and debate my genius! The guest book is linked to each page, in case anyone actually reads this and wants to respond; perhaps we could get some interesting baseball dialogue going. Part of the motivation for all of this, by the way, is to give myself a record of all the different baseball things I write (and I write some). Usually, I type them into some message board, and over time they disappear into the cyberspace ether; so, rather than do that, I will make all the posts I make on message boards here first. That way, whenever I want to refer to what I wrote, I have it right in front of me. How does any of this information help you? Well, it doesn't, probably, but if you've come this far without giving up, that's your problem, not mine!

Anyway, here are the links to the relevant pages; as always, feel free to email me with questions, comments, implied insults, or explicit threats.

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