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Yeah, that's right, the Phillies. If you don't like it, tough! Links

Phillies Related Links:

  • The Official Phillies Home Page- This is the official Phillies home page, as the title suggests. This site is actually very helpful; you can buy tickets, check game results, look at rosters, read "state-sanctioned" history, etc. Of course, you can't listen to games for free anymore... but, I suppose I will have to forgive them for that.

  • The Phillies Page At Ah, the worldwide leader in sports has dedicated a whole page to our beloved "Fightin's." ESPN, a subsidiary of Disney, soon to be a subsidiary of Comcast, is part of a vast network of evil, and the one thing we know about evil is that it's efficient. So, when you need up-to-the-minute Phillies news, this is the place to go. Check your soul at the door!

  • Phillies Page at Although is affiliated with The Sporting News, this page really isn't that great (although perhaps that really shouldn't be all that surprising). However, they get the nod here because the Phillies are occasionally on FOX, and that makes them winners in my book. Evil, evil, winners, but winners nonetheless. And, hey you Mr. Fox Executive Type: can you please ditch Tim McCarver already?

  • PhillyFan088's Web Page- A comprehensive web site maintained by a far more intense fan than even me (that's hard to believe), this web site gives a fan's perspective on the Fightin's and has its own fourm, where you candebate this guy's views with other visitors. Daily updates appear on the web site, making it far more useful than my humble page.

  • Phillies Fan Union- Join the union... the Phillies fan union!!! This web site offers daily updates and insights into the whacky, wonderful world of Phillies baseball (or, after losses, the depressing, maddenig world of Stupids baseball). If you join up, you will get a weekly email where they harangue about cutting down the strikeouts, the play of Jimmy Rollins, or Bobby Abreu's apparent lazy-faire approach to the outfield. It's great fun!

  • Jeremy Rosenberg's 2004 & Beyond! Phillies Blog- This is the regularly updated Phillies diary of a good friend of mine (not to mention my roomate), Jeremy Rosenberg. Here, he will record his daily trials and tribulations, trying not to break down into a blubbering pile of borken humanity as the Phillies daily attempt to break our fragile mortal hearts. Ah, but in all seriousness, this is an interesting intellectual (yes, INTELLECTUAL) project taken up by a good writer; go ahead, click on the link and bask in his many insights!

  • A big message board for all you crazy Phillies fans out there, just like me. This web page offers some excellent forums (you must register to use them), and has a pronounced elitist bend. You probably should read Win Shares, Moneyball, and The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract as foundational reading before you try conversing with these guys; but believe me, it will be well worth the effort if you do!

  • Phillies Page at This here's an extensive web page for all of us abusive, angry, bitter Philadelphia fans (New Yorkers need not apply), and this link is to the Phillies section of the site (there are sites for the Sixers, Eagles, and Flyers as well). There are daily updates of news and such on this page, plus another forum; this is for hardcore fans as well, but not necessarily as exclusive and as sabermetrics-oriented as Go, share your misery with other self-hating sports fans!

    General Baseball Links:

  • Well, I suppose this is obligatory. Here's a link to Major League Baseball's Official site. For added fun, click on the "contact us" link that they have, and send an invective-filled email about Bud Selig's plan to contract the St. Louis Browns. See what kind of response you get.

  • Baseball Almanac- A free web page that gives you immediate access to all of the baseball history you could ever want, this is among my favorite sites on the web. You need uniform numbers for the 1936 Cleveland Indians? You got 'em! You want the boxscore from the the White Sox-Tigers game on June 26, 1911? Send in your request, they'll mail it out to you!

  • The Seattle Pilots Baseball Club- Click to log on to the internet home of that storied American League franchise, the Seattle Pilots. Yes, travel down memory lane with players like Gaylord Perry, Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson, and Ken Griff... oh, wait. That's the Mariners. Who the hell are these guys? And did they have a fight song? All this and more is answered at this wonderful website dedicated to a baseball curiosity!

  • ????- A web site dedicated to hilarious baseball pratfalls, dropped balls, and bad calls; it's incompetence at its finest! This site also explores the game's darker side, such as losing, losing, and more losing...

  • The Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society- A web page dedicated to the rich history of Philadelphia's American League baseball franchise, the Athletics. From 1901-1954, the now-Oakland Athletics played right here in Philadelphia, managed nearly the entire time by the great Connie Mac. This society, which is headquartered in Hatboro (very near to where I grew up), has attempted to preserve the memory of the days when Philadelphia was a two-team town before it is lost forever. Check out their web page, and, if you are ever in Hatboro, be sure to stop by their museum bookstore and gift shop! It's like a little Philadelphia Cooperstown right out there in the Northeastern suburbs.

  • Baseball Reference- As if the above website wasn't enough, this site provides information of equal thoroughness for the more statistically-minded. Good Lord, what an age we live in --- where baseball geeks never have to leave their couch, let alone see the light of an actual day!

  • Retrosheet- All you need to know about this site is that I had a photograph of a random Phillies-Padres game that was unidentified and I was able to determine, using the incredibly extensive information provided by this site, that it took place on August 6, 1998 and was a 3-2 Phillies win in 11 innings. Details, details, and more details!!!!

  • Maria Mignogna- I know what many of you might be saying... "What does this site have to do with baseball?" And to that question, I might reply, "Maria is my friend, and a big Pittsburgh Pirates fan!" And then you might say back, "Hmmm... the Pirates. But what does the site have to do with baseball?" And then I'd say, "Well that was a cheap shot," but under my breath I'd add "but it was funny." Then, Maria might hit us both in the politely-termed "midsection" with her field hockey stick and scream something about R.J. Reynolds. And she'd be right.

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