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The Phake Phillies Page!

Keeping kids from playing real sports outside since 1987!

In real life, we are often times disappointed by the performance of our baseball heroes. Fortunately, that's why EA Sports has stepped in and put together an alarmingly realistic fake life, where our heroes never have to disappoint us at all! Welcome to my Phake Phillies Page, dedicated to the EA Sports 2003 MVP Phillies baseball team I am playing. This page will be dedicated to occasional updates as to their status, and comparisons between them and the real, crappy Phillies!

Since I'm just creating this page, I can't properly call this an update, but allow me to bring you up to date on where my Phillies stand. After taking two of three from the Diamondbacks in a home series, then taking the first two games of a series in Houston the Phumin' Phake Phillies stand at a lusty 35-8! They have, however, a mere six game lead in the NL East, as those pesky Montreal Expos continue to play excellent simulated baseball. Meanwhile, the real 2003 champion Florida Marlins are mired in the cellar, a distant nineteen and a half games behind our CyberHeroes!!

I'm aware this is pathetic, but at least it's not as pathetic as Jimmy Rollins swing just now.

Check back here for regular (and hopefully mostly amusing and light-hearted) updates as the Phake Phillies storm their way to the Synthetic 2003 World Series!!!

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