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A Page Dedicated To Our Friends

Before we get started "praising" our favortie franchise, I'd like to recommend that all the Mets fans among us click here and join the New York Mets fan club. This page is definitely not for you.

So, you like the Phillies, eh? Or at least, you don't like the Mets. Or you've blatantly ignored my instructions. Well, whatever the reason, let's get on with this page already.

The point of this page is to systematically prove that the New York Mets are an evil, evil franchise. For starters, let's look at their logo:

An Ugly Excuse For A Team Logo
Now, right here, let's look at this. Obviously, the Mets' team colors are orange and blue, a hideous combination without a hint of asthetic value. Who told them that orange and blue go perfectly together? No one could have done that; no one except for Satan that is! And what the hell is a Met? Any team that has to make up words to come up with a name is obviously spawned by Lucifer. Who gave them the right to make up words just so that they could have a team? Lousy, pretentious New Yorkers! (When considering this last criticism, it might be helpful to ignore the fact that although the team I root for uses a real word for their name, it is not being used in its standard dictionary sense. Unless the Phillies WANT people to think of them as female horses. . .)

If you can some how force yourselves past their hideous colors and stupid, made up names and still like the Mets, there is something wrong with you. But do not fear, I will convince you yet. Once the Mets decided that their colors were orange and blue, a judgment which we admittedly question, they didn't even have the courage to stick by their beliefs. Instead, they sold out to fashion and did the "in" thing. What am I rambling about, you might be asking. Look at this "alternate" jersey:

Oh, this is real original. Black for a baseball team? Who would have dreamed?
The Mets, having absolutely no regard for tradition, have made black an integral part of their uniform. Have they no shame? No, of course they don't! Indeed, it has become positively ludicrous in Queens! The Mets have a third "alternate" cap, and two more "alternate" jerseys! By my count, the Mets have no less than ELEVEN different uniform combinations!! It's madness, pure madness... the madness of EVIL!!!!

If you're STILL not convinced, you must be brainwashed by New York media propoganda. But I ask you to consider this final picture, as some Mets players congratulate each other after at home plate:

'Did you see the way I spiked Jimmy Rollins? Between that and all the spit balls our pitchers throw, we're sure to win!'
Now, I don't mean to suggest the Mets play dirty (The Mets play dirty). But look at them, don't (The Mets play dirty) they just look more evil than most teams? If those same (The Mets play dirty) players pictured here were in Phillies uniforms (The Mets play dirty), why they'd look like (The Mets play dirty)a bunch of wholesome guys having a good (The Mets play dirty) time playing baseball. Instead (The Mets play dirty), they (The Mets play dirty) look (The Mets play dirty) like (The Mets play dirty) a (The Mets play dirty) bunch (The Mets play dirty) of (The Mets play dirty) evil (The Mets play dirty) New (The Mets play dirty) York (The Mets play dirty) Mets (The Mets play dirty) celebrating (The Mets play dirty) over (The Mets play dirty) the (The Mets play dirty) carcass (The Mets play dirty) of (The Mets play dirty) some (The Mets play dirty) poor (The Mets play dirty) puppy (The Mets play dirty) dog (The Mets play dirty) they (The Mets play dirty) have (The Mets play dirty) just (The Mets play dirty) disembowled (The Mets play dirty).

Well, I hope I don't seem to unfair. I try always to be even handed. But I really hate the Mets!

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