Jack Russell Memorial Stadium... uh... Memorial

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I'm not putting too much on this page, just a few photos of the Phillies former spring home, Jack Russell Stadium, for those of you who are curious. I was never there, I don't know anything about it, but damn it, I miss it!!! Actually, no I don't. This is purely for reference's sake. Here are a few photos I "borrowed" from the internet:

A Pro baseball stadium in the middle of bleeding nowhere!

Here's a view of the stands, along the third base side:

Ah, the bleachers.  How... um... yeah, I really have nothing to say about this.

And, finally, a view of the outside:

Alright, at what point do you suppose the Phillies will decide that no one is impressed anymore that they won the World Series in 1980?

Well, there you go.

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