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Andrew's No, not female horses, Philadelphians! Oh, nevermind. Page

I've learned two about myself over the years:

Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "If he has the talent to be a professional writer in today's world, then the dark ages aren't far behind." But, I'm telling you, read The Metro and you'll know I'm right.

That said, this website has been rather a manifestation of why I'm NOT a professional writer. The last time I bothered to update it, it was April 2007, I was mad, and the Phillies sucked. Then, a funny thing happened: the Phillies won the NL East. Then they started this year (June of 2008), and, as of this writing, they occupy first place again, by 4 games over the Marlins (though they are losing 5-2 right now, thank you very much Brett Myers). And what did I have to say about it all? Evidently, nothing. Nada. Bupkiss. Even though I profess to love this team.

Honestly, I don't even know what to say. If I had written this before the season started, I would have expressed deep concerns about center and right field thanks to the departure of Abreu at last year's trading deadline, a deeply suspiscious attitude toward the bullpen, and I would have suggested that the starting rotation had a bunch of proved mediocre pitchers in it, which doesn't really inspire a lot of confidence. And people would have said I was being overly negative. Now, people will just say it easy to say this now. All I know is that the Phillies had people really jazzed about them going in to this season, but I was never anything but skeptical. Once again, skepticism about the Phillies was proven to be all too appropriate. Boo.

Now, I have no pictures up, this is poorly and boringly written, and I haven't updated much of anything in awhile because I'm theoretically busy with pursuing my Ph.D. in English literature. Sigh. Hopefully someday I'll get to a real update, but I just wanted to get the speculation about last year's playoff chances out of this space, at any rate.

Anyway, about this page: it is little more than the suddenly-chic blog pages maintained by so many folks out there, except I pointlessly code my own HTML (and upload pictures taken by ME from time to time, but I haven't done that in a while to be honest). On the other hand, this page is now in its TENTH year of operation (how did I get this old?), the only surviving remnant of the personal web page I started way back in my freshmen year of college, in 1997. So don't call me trendy! I couldn't possibly update it on a daily basis (well, I could, but I want to maintain the general appearance of a life), so if you're interested in things like stats, current news, and standings, this page will be totally useless to you. However, if you like random "articles" written on sundry topics by graduate English student baseball fans and punctuated with a few well-placed personally taken photos of baseball-related things, why, this is the page for you! I've done a lot of market research, of course, and I know there is absolutely no one like that out there --- but it's still a niche that hadn't been filled, so I am filling it! Anyway, here are all your marvellous options, take a look around. I've extensively updated almost every section, so take a fresh look, will you?

And now, thanks to YOU THE VIEWERS (and, since there aren't any of you, this is thanks to me), this page is now accessible from Google! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!


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